Writing a business report; the proper structure

To write a proper business report is as important as preparing for an official presentation. It can impact the clients and business partners on a great deal. There is always a proper way to conduct business works for the ease of understanding and to deliver accurate data. And since the business report is the type of document that carries important information, it needs to be written correctly and in the best possible way.

If you start panicking on the thought of preparing a business report, all you need is a little confidence and guidance to create a comprehensive report. Following are the steps you require to develop the best report.

Title page

Every report should contain the main page that mentions what the report is about. On the main page, you would add a catchy title of your report, the name of the author, and other details like the name of company/organization, collaborators and partners. This way, the readers will be able to get a clear overview of the report.

Executive summary

This section is another essential part of the report. It provides an overview of the whole document in the form of bullet points and topic of discussion. An executive summary is designed to give a clear idea to the readers about the report. The review could be short as of only consisting of a single paragraph, or it could be as long as for five pages. The length of the summary always depends upon the length of the whole report. If a report is lengthy, you can extend your summary as well. But for a short report, it will not be suitable to write a long summary.

Some reports also include recommendations, conclusions, and sources of information in the executive summary as well for those readers who prefer a brief overview. So the information you add in it must be precise as well as clear and to the point.


An official business report must include a well defined and strong introduction. A straightforward introduction will help the readers to identify the topics of discussion of the report by clearing their concepts. The introductory part sets the stage of the fundamentals points that are mentioned prior to the report. It highlights the significant issues and subjects covered in the report. With a background providing accurate information on the reason for the data collected in the report.

Methodology and Findings

In the body of the report, there are mainly two divided sections. The first one is the methodology that will explain the basis of the research work and the methods adopted to carry out the research report. After a good explanation of the methodology, you will include the key findings which took rise from the report. It would be more helpful to use graphical and tabular data instead of written paragraphs for the ease of better understanding and grabbing the attention of readers.


Finally, you conclude your report with comparatively brief details of the body. It explains the data described in the body of report and how it is interpreted with an outcome or a final decision. Often, the conclusion suggests the usage of data for the improved business aspects and additional researches recommended.


The last section of your business report carries all the references that will support your mentioned data and allows original credit. It is to prove that the report is made on the information collected from the accurate and authentic resources. You may also include appendix along with tables and financial charts for the better illustration of your conclusions.

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