Review and test of World Remit

As IT and banking, both fields are evolving for better, people are creating more sources for ease. World Remit is one of those combinations that is providing its services for a quick and easy remittance. Established in 2010, World Remit has been serving online money transfer. Since its launch, it has allowed people to send money to their friends and family to the other corner of the world in no time. But still, there are some hesitations among the users regarding its services. That is why we are here with the most honest reviews so that you could decide to avail it or not.

Pros of World Remit

As it is the foremost principle, let’s discuss the advantages of Word Remit and how it is serving people worldwide.

Broad Distritribuion

As one of the first online money transfer service, it allows people to send money whenever and wherever. As of October 2019, it permitted to remit funds from 115 different countries of the world. And now, World Remit has broadened its scope to 140 states. From America to Asia, Europe to Africa, Australia, and the Middle East, it is now possible to send remittances to your loved ones.

Multiple Payments

World Remit works without cash. It means you do not need tangible currency notes for the transaction. Payments take place through debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, and other means.

Various Delivery Options

Even though it is 100% cashless from a senders’ side but the receiver can enjoy collecting money in various forms. It includes cash collection, bank deposits, airtime top-up, and mobile wallet as well.

Other remit services do not usually offer cash pickup, but World Remit does. When the collector receives the cash, he is asked to choose the method of payout by himself. Plus in some areas, there is also an availability of door to door cash delivery.

Quick Transfer

Using World Remit provides you with the benefit to transfer the funds quicker and faster. Like other money remit services, it does not require days and weeks to deliver your money. In most of cases, you will receive your amount within few minutes. Also, it displays the delivery time before you make your payment. So that you could know when will, the amount reaches its destination and you could inform the person on another end.

Though there have been some complaints regarding a delay in the transfer. But the developers have been working 24/7 to make it better. When the transfer takes longer, mostly it depends on the method on which you are going to receive your money.

Easy Operation

It is effortless to operate since it requires just sufficient space in your smartphone. The best thing is tha, both iOS and Android platforms support the World Remit App.

Safe Transaction

With World Remit, you experience and safer transaction. There are impossible chances of fraud and hacking in the service, that is another reason it is becoming a favorite among peoples.

Cons of World Remit

With all the benefits and advantages, there is always another side that carries come cons as well. And World Remit has these.

Forbids Big Transactions

It does not allow a big transfer. There is a limit on the fund you send through World Remit. If you want to transact more than a thousand dollars, you might need to look for another service. 

Comparatively Expensive

For every transaction, World Remit charges a fee. It depends on the currency you are sending, the total amount, and also the delivery option. On bank transfer, the charges are lower while on cash pickup and mobile wallet transfer, it is higher.

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