Review and test of Currencies Direct

Currency Direct offers money transfer services to people, businesses, and online sellers. They delight themselves in helping you send cash to more than 120 countries around the world. They provide expert assistance on forex markets, regulations, and compliance. Since its establishment in 1996, they have set up offices specialized in understanding the transfers to Spain, France, the USA, the UK, Portugal, and South Africa.

Benefits of Currencies Direct

Check out the list below of all the benefits you can receive with using their company for your money transfer work:

Good Customer Service

Guarantee you of excellent customer service. Their account managers are dedicated and make your money transferring simpler and easier. Offer your expertise in multiple localities and countries, so you have no trouble in any part of the process. With the help of their comprehensive online platform and experts’ team, you will be in good hands. So don’t panic if a problem arises. Just contact them through email or call and get everything sorted.

Reliable & Safe

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is tasked with regulating their enterprise in the UK. Whereas, in other countries as well they are monitored by relevant authorities. They fulfill all the strict rules and regulations of the authorities to ensure safe and legitimate transactions. Serving thousands of customers and transferring more than £7 billion a year is not easy. But they make it happen with the help of proper rules and management.

Accessible on Smart devices

For an improved and better experience, they also provide a mobile app. You will find the app as fast working and easy to operate. Currencies Direct app can be found on the App Store (Apple) as well as on Google Play for Android phones and devices.

The app on your smart device allows the options of transferring money, purchasing currency, exploring exchange rates. It also offers setting rate alerts, tracking all your transfers, and managing contact with your funds’ recipients.

Speedy Transfer

They are known for their swift and fast transfer service. The recipients generally receive their funds within 2-3 working days. From the time you pay for the transfer until your loved ones receive them, it is a short and quick process. Getting the money on the very same day is also possible is some cases.

However, depending on the currencies that you’re exchanging and a few other factors, the transfer time may vary. The recipient’s bank often takes up additional time to credit the money to their account, which causes a slight delay. But Currencies Direct itself works quickly and timely.

Cons of Currencies Direct

Here is a list of some cons you might experience while using the services of currencies direct:

  1. No Cash pickups Option; They do not offer any local cash pick up options for the recipients in their local branches.
  2. Exchange rates; On lower amounts, the exchange rates of Currencies Direct are often not competitive. Another inconvenience is that with only smaller amounts, there are lower exchange rates.
  3. Cancellation Policy; You will not find a cancellation policy. All services are bound by contracts and are final. No cash pick up available in local branches.

Our final thoughts conclude that their service is entirely complementary to its customers. Depending on the character of your money transfer needs, they offer tailor-made solutions. Adjusting to your needs is their focus; frequency and price of transfers, as well as several other factors, are adjusted just for your convenience. Their wide ranges of forex and cash transfer services aren’t easy to get from other providers. So you should definitely check them out the next time you’re transferring money.

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