How to discover Azimo for Businesses

Azimo for Businesses

It’s an electronic world today, and every business must work accordingly or become slower to its competitors. Azimo is the number one solution for a safer way to send money from Europe to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Azimo app is a winning app for all businesses with more than 30,000 downloads across the different app stores.

Azimo best for small businesses

Starting a business is hard enough, juggling through your day to day setup and keep up with your daily expenses to make sure that you are profitable is a big task. Getting an app that helps you with paying off your suppliers and staff around the world while you save up to 90% on all international payment is an edge for small businesses. It helps you concentrate on the initial part that helps in building your business.

Benefits of using Azimo

Cheaper international payment: Azimo gives you the benefit of sending payment across the world, to over 200 countries, and with over 60 currencies to choose from all. While the traditional banking system is more expensive, Azimo offers a 90% cheaper alternative to standard banks, while you save on exchange rates and fees for all your expenses. You can also send 250000GBP or equivalent in a single transfer to an existing recipient, this gives you the access to make repeat payments, and you get cheaper fees for all transfers up to 1000GBP and with no monthly limits.

Staff and suppliers payment: for start-ups, hiring the right workers is very important, and traditional payment system limits your ability torent country of choice, but with Azimo, paying your employee gets easy that you can hire a freelancer anywhere in the world to help grow your business, getting suppliers from the world are also ease when you have the means to pay your suppliers, Azimo help you to TIPYour international invoices, across over 160 countries with over 60 currencies, so you are not limited by your location anymore when it comes to hiring the right staff or partner and getting your business suppliers, with Azimo, you know that you have the right tool to pay them at any time and fewer charges.

Track your payment: being able to know the status of clearance internationally is very vital to ease the pressure from the person you are making payment there, Azimo, you can track your deposits at every way with email and custom notification, this speed up business transactions with your suppliers and gives your employee the peace of mind to keep working on your business project.

Secured and safe payment: Security is the first step in the money transfer industry, and Azimo gives you a platform that is safe and secured, with the use of 3D secure authentication that offers card payment an extra layer of security, fraud detection technology that monitors unusual activity to protect you from fraud; Data protection certification by the German TUV for data protection and IT security and an Encrypted communication on our website and apps, which secure users against unauthorized access. It gives users the full security needed in using all the business transactions across the world.

Ease of use and getting the start

Azimo is to use and get started with, create an account by using your business email to create a business account, tell us about your business, set up a transfer, pay for your transfers, and is all set to make payment across the globe. Azimo is a perfect Fin-tech innovation that takes off the burden of making international payments.

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