Review and test of Remitly

With the emergence of numerous IT and banking, the two fields are under a revolutionary change, this advancement presents greater opportunities and assets for convenience. Remitly a fast money transfer service provides a unique combination of features for a quick and easy remittance. Remitly is known to be user friendly and is trusted by its customers across the globe. An easy to use and convenient online platform offering inexpensive money transfers all around the world.

Since its launch, it has revolutionized the money transfer process. So you can send cash to friends and family at the opposite end of the planet in no time. However, some users may have certain hesitations concerning their service, which is totally fine. This is the exact reason why we’re here with our very own review to help you decide if you’re willing to avail their service or not.

Pros of Remitly

As far as its services are concerned, Remitly network offers a variety for affordable options to its customers worldwide. So let’s discuss some of its advantages: 

Broad Distribution

Remitly allows people to send money to their loved ones all across the globe on any occasion. It is authorized for transferring money in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Europe and over 49 other countries around the world. Your cherished ones can enjoy the benefits of this digital alternative instead of traditional money transfer services. Remitly provides a fast, secure and inexpensive transfer. It has broadened its scope to multiple states for the customers.

Flexible Delivery Options

Even though a sender is transferring cash from the other side of the world, but the receiver can enjoy collecting money in diverse forms. The delivery options include cash pickup, Bank Account to Bank Account, online, mobile wallet, and even get the cash delivered to their home address as well.

Other companies usually do not offer cash pickup. However, Remitly provides this service for the convenience of its customers. When the collector gets their cash, they are asked to choose the method of payout themselves. Additionally, they can avail the option of picking up the money in the form of cash from any of the agent locations of the Remitly network.

Customer Service

It offers customer service through three different modes, which are phone, chat, and lastly email. Customers can have all their remedies answered with the help of Remitly’s excellent customer service. 

Transfer Speed

By using Remitly, you get the chance of a quicker and faster money transfer. Like many other money remit offerings, it does not take up to weeks to deliver your money. Fastest option with the Express service takes as little as 10 minutes. Whereas, with its economy service, 3-5 business days are required for you to obtain your cash. 

They guarantee you a specified time or else the fee is refunded. If the process takes longer, in general, it is due to the technique on which you are going to acquire your cash.

Easy Operation

Remitly mobile app is easy to operate and requires very little space on your smartphone. You can transfer money abroad using the Remitly app with just a few taps. For further ease, its services are translated in multiple languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, as well as Vietnamese.

Safe & Secure Transaction

With Remitly, your money is safe and secure. For a more reliable transaction, Remitly is the right choice. Under the regulation of relevant authorities in the respective jurisdiction of Remitly’s operations, the probabilities of fraud are impossible. With its TLS encryption, all your sensitive data cannot be intercepted during your visit on their website.

Cons of Remitly

After exploring all the benefits and pros, let’s have a look at some of its drawbacks as well. And here are Remitly’s cons:

Relatively Expensive

It is certainly not the cheapest provider on the market; you may find better exchange rates offered by others. For transferring smaller amounts, a fixed fee can be quite expensive for you. 

Limited Transactions

In some cases, it gives limited options for sending the money as well as how the beneficiary receives it. There is also a limit on the daily and monthly limits on the amount you can post. 

Lastly, Remitly is a tremendous money switch service in the case for you all. They offer services in 16 sender countries as well as transfers to over 50 international locations worldwide. Hope our review will help answer all your concerns.

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