Holvi; a smart banking solution for entrepreneurs

Small startups and businesses require a helping hand for their business banking as the traditional banking system becomes too complicated for young entrepreneurs and freelancers. They need a smart solution to flourish and manage their small enterprises. Hence, Holvi fills the seat by its resolution of online business banking.

About Holvi

Holvi is an online banking system established in 2011 in Finland. Today, it is functional in around ten different countries of Europe, including the UK. It works via both browser and app and serves as a single platform for banking, billing, and expense management.

Providing an impressive design, with convenience and sustainability, makes it a feasible platform for small enterprises and freelancers.


Easy signups

You can sign up for the Holvi business account with a simple and direct method with no long paper works and requirements. All you need to have is a valid id, vat number (only if you are registered), and company registration number. And you are good to function with your online business account.

Corporate card

After signing up, Holvi offers a prepaid yellow card to its customers, which serves as a master card. The card works like any other debit card, i.e., you can make purchases online or in the market with the card’s help. Moreover, it is used for ATM cash withdrawals.

App access

Holvi allows complete app access to its customers; the app helps in notifying every activity occurring on the account and update regarding invoices and upcoming bills.

Expense management

Holvi helps you to manage your expenses by categorizing your purchases. Also, it stores the information for next time to be used. Hence, it offers a great way of organizing money expenses for our benefit.

Accounting tools

The best part of having an account with Holvi is the provision of accounting tools. This feature has eased the complexity of bookkeeping. Hence, the new startups can focus on their work more, keeping themselves apart from bookkeeping hassle.

Safety and security

Your money is safe and secure with Holvi as the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland licenses it. Moreover, it offers segregated accounts to the customers, hence, keeping the company’s finance separate from the customer funds.

Customer care

Holvi ensures proper customer support with its team forever available for any query. Customers can contact via phone on weekdays or can use the help desk in the browser for help. It aims to be available 24/7 to its customers.

Holvi pricing

Holvi offers two plans in the UK; a free one and the basic one. The free one can be easily used while benefiting all the features except the invoicing tool. The basic one charges 9 euros per month to get full access to the Holvi features.

Although Holvi is quite easy and offers a pocket-friendly package, it does have some other charges apart from monthly fees.

Cash Withdrawal Charges

ATM cash withdrawals charge up to 2.5% of the amount withdrawn.

Abroad Usage Charges

Holvi charges 2% fees as the exchange rate on the master card on the currency other than sterling.

Additional Card Charges

Having an extra master card can take a few more pennies out of your pocket other than monthly charges. It costs three euros extra per month for an additional card.


It is an excellent source of business banking for small startups and freelancers. However, the UK customers are still a step back from benefiting all the pricing options. The design and ease of use have made it popular, and the invoicing and management tools are the most attractive features. Small extra charges for a primary function like ATM cash withdrawal are a little bothersome. On the contrary, Holvi is of great support for small enterprises and freelancers.

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