Review and test of XE money transfer

All praise to technology for ruling out the across-border distances by providing us with great platforms for connecting overseas. Xe money transfer is one of those fantastic platforms. It is one of the top global forums to transfer money abroad quickly with feasible rates.

If you are looking for a platform to transfer your money internationally, then xe can prove to be one great option. Here it is why?

All about xe

Xe money transfer is one of the most trusted and recognized platforms used to transfer money abroad. It provides its customers with favorable exchange rates and gives online transfer and foreign exchange services to its users. Xe aims to offers a direct money transfer to the recipient’s bank account in up to 170 countries around the globe. It is a fully licensed forum like any other legal, financial institution, therefore, your money is safe throughout the transfer.

How does it work?

It works as simple as setting up an account on any social and legal platform with all the necessary information and documents. Once the accounts get set up, you can initiate the transfer by following the following pattern:

  • Account log in.
  • Select the payment, currency, and the place where you need to send the money .
  • Confirm the mode of payment and check on the exchange rates.
  • Make payment to the xe account.
  • Lastly, you will recieve a notification from xe on receiving the money, and on the completion of international transfer.


Fast and easy

The app and web design are simple to understand for any person.  You can easily open your account with xe and start making money transfers without any great paper works. The services aim to be fast in terms of money transfer as most of the money can be transferred on a single day. Depending on the place, it can take up to two to four days but not more than that.

Value for money

Xe money transfer values your money; therefore, it offers a free account setup with no monthly charges. It helps you save extra by not charging any hidden and extra fees like the traditional bank transfers.

Security and safety

Xe money transfer is a fully regulated and licensed forum. Therefore, you don’t need to feel insecure about the money as it is safe and secure during transfer. Xe is a member of Euronet, the world’s largest money transfer business, making it more trustworthy and reliable.

Transfer rates and fees

Xe money transfer offers fee-free money transfers globally and only charge the exchange rate. The charges are low and are between 0.5 to two percent. As xe earns money through exchange rates, so they have their own. Therefore you should have a look at them before making any transfers.

Service and coverage

There are no limitations of minimum or maximum transferring amounts. You can transfer money to 170 countries in up to 60 different currencies. The transfers occur with just a click of a button on your phone or desktop. Moreover, the account can even be handled in multiple languages.

Rate alerts

You can have xe money transfer rate alerts on your phone app or signup to receive email alerts about the foreign exchange. Hence, this feature allows you to look at the exchange rates and get benefits at the time you can.

Why choose xe?

  • No transfer fees
  • No limitation on sending amount
  • Global network
  • Competitive rate with fast and secure service

Why not choose xe?

  • Restricted payment options.
  • Only bank account transfers to the recipient
  • Offers an exchange rate of its own.
  • Customer service needs significant improvement

Bottom line

Xe offers a competitive market in terms of money transfers overseas. Despite the view irregularities, it has still proven to be a reliable platform to millions of customers in terms of money exchange.

Sign up with XE today for quick, easy and secure transfers