Review of the services of ANNA money business account

Anna money is an entirely online business handling account. It is a sort of smart business account for small businesses, freelancers, and local startups. After its launch in 2018, it has become a popular app to be used by small enterprises in the UK for their business account handlings.

Absolutely No Nonsense Admin or ANNA is an online platform to support local startups and has made business banking a lot easier. With no physical branch and lengthy paperwork, it has proven its reliability to the UK customers in the past two years.

Discussing in detail the services of ANNA business account will help you to understand much better about this online platform.

What does ANNA money do?

Anna money provides a range of opportunities and offers to UK based customers. People having local small digital startups can work efficiently through ANNA money business account. The platform has cleared the barriers of multiple bank visits and long paperwork essentials of business account. They are providing everything on the phone with just a click of a button.

What services does ANNA money offer?

Anna money offers the following services to its UK based customers.

Debit card

A mobile business current account with a functional debit card is the key service of ANNA money. Except for the drafts, you can expect all the conventional services from ANNA money debit card, including money withdrawal, online purchasing, and a lot more options.

Invoice handling

Anna money app is specialized in managing your invoices. It is even able to chase due to payments, making it feasible for you to pay your bills on time. You can also schedule your payments through the app. Once you set the invoice schedule, the app will work to fulfil the duties of sparing money and paying it on time.

Connecting multiple bank accounts

With ANNA money app in your mobile, you can connect your other bank accounts to it and view the credits and history on a single app. Anna makes it simple for you to handle your overall budgeting in one single place.

Cost and account tiers

Anna money provides a free trial of up to six months. You can benefit from all of the services free for up to six months. Apart from it, it offers a range of five account tiers. Starting from the basic, permitting a balance of just 1500 euros it can be upgraded to the highest trier allowing balance up to 700,000 euros. Each tier has its limitations of which you can get complete info from ANNA’S official website.

On-time notifications

Anna money never let you miss a deadline for any payment. It keeps track of on-time notification of every activity being carried on your business account. No surprises of extra tax and fees. It will only notify you of the upcoming events and payments to keep you updated all the time.

Customer service

According to different customer reviews, ANNA money has the best customer services via in-app chat or emails. They try to get back to their customer queries as soon as possible.

Drawback of ANNA money business account

Anna money has proven to provide excellent business account service, but there are very few reasons that limit its use to certain users.

Not a good option for travellers

If you are someone who travels for business purpose in and out of the UK, then this app would not be helpful to you as it charges fees for transactions of foreign currency.

No overdraft or credit

No option for credit or overdraft is available on the app. You still have to depend on traditional banking services for this purpose.


Anna money is a wonderful app in regards to its use, design, fees, customer support and reputation. It has gained popularity in a very short time due to its marvellous services.

An excellent app for startups and small enterprises residing in the UK with no foreign concerns.

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