Telework: Tips for Staying Productive at Home


Productivity is the ultimate measure of time. Working from home is not often easy for everyone; most people find it distracting to work from home because of family, and things that can easily distract them. While being productive at the office is a little easier, you can become much more productive working from home if you master the following tips.

Getting started from home

Regular work-at-home has grown 173% since 2005, 11% faster than the rest of the workforce (which grew 15%) and nearly 47x faster than the self-employed population (which grew by 4%) according to [Global Workplace Analytics’ analysis of 2018 ACS data]

Being able to find joy within your workspace is important, as this result to creative thinking, good energy, finding solutions faster, help increase productivity, and easily get along with co-workers, there is always the need to balance work and fun, the moment you can find that balance the productivity level will increase. The more productive you are the more goals you will be able to achieve.

Tips for getting productivity, working from home

  • A major distraction when working from home is your smartphone.  It is an easy distraction; takes most of the time without you noticing, you can switch off messengers when you need to concentrate on a job for the next two (2) hours.
  • Another tip you must keep in mind is to make sure you don’t operate your smartphone or laptop in bed. The blue rays are not good for your health; the rays emitted stop the production of melatonin, which can affect your quality night sleep, and once your rest is affected, you may have an issue with being productive the following day.
  • Most experts working from home have confirmed that opening more than 5 tabs on your browser or work station at once, can seriously affect your productivity since it takes 15munites to focus on a task, the moment you get distracted with many tabs notifications, it disrupts your workflow.
  • Another important tip is “don’t be perfectionists” be a bit flexible, so as not to get bored or miss out on a creative solution. The art of imperfection can create a quality job.
  • Distractions are inevitable factors, but of course avoidable or manageable. Numerous or unplanned activities can make you sloppy, and make you wish for more time to get things done. A good way to make the most of the day’s meetings is to create a schedule for your meetings; brief and on point, meetings have proven to be the most result-oriented ones.
  • It can be a task to go through your Emails and respond appropriately to the messages and still get the day’s job done. Attending your messages shouldn’t stand in the way of your work, the best way to do this to attend to them based on urgency, and priority. Also have an alarm set for those kinds of messages, that way; you go straight to them first, before others.
  • Multitask maybe the new cool, but it’s not the best approach to work. Multitasking has proven to cause a delay in work or start over again. To be productive, ensure to take each task one at a time.
  • Positive vibes are important to culture; before you get on with work, start with the most difficult or tedious tasks, when your strength and mind are in place. When you start with the least task, there are chances of not executing the most demanding task before the end of the day.

How to improve your team work force at home

  • Working with companies that keep you in their heart is a good start; companies have experienced an increase in productivity when good work conditions and provisions were made available for their employees.
  • Remember, there is no one size fits it all approach. Know what works best for you; routines are good ways to make your goal a reality including your personal life. Plan your day and watch everything work as planned.
  • Productivity in workplaces requires investment in human capital, creating a friendly atmosphere, where workers feel safe and comfortable for their work, working from home can contribute hugely to this.

Whether the workers will feel comfortable at the first can be an issue, but the more they try to seriously consider this is the norm, the more productive they will become. It will make investing in human capital and giving proper support, and financial support. But once they kick off with it, the result is great.

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